Unified Dynamic Case Management (UDCM)


Groundswell, a thought leader in BPM and Case Management technology, is bringing to market the next generation of Case Management innovation - Unified Dynamic Case Management (UDCM). This solution enables internal and external users to efficiently create cases tied to your business areas through a modern, streamlined process, and facilitates the processing of each case through its entire life-cycle. A defining feature of the UDCM solution is the ability for users to create an infinite number of tailored workflows with no additional development required. These workflows are utilized to efficiently route cases based on their attributes.

Cases can be associated with any entity, such as a business unit or asset, increasing the visibility and availability of information across the organization. The ability to incorporate and utilize existing Appian Records makes the solution ideal for both new Appian customers, as well as for seamless integration into existing platforms. In addition, UDCM offers comprehensive auxiliary capabilities that accelerate efficiency and transparency, such as: knowledge management, automated routing, a reporting suite, and much more!

The flexible power of UDCM is currently being utilized by a federal financial agency, a top 5 international bank, a large nonprofit, and others. UDCM was created by the same individuals that created the original Appian Accelerators.


Key Features & Functionality

  • Streamlined and comprehensive lifecycle case management granting simplified visibility into case status, updates and active workflows, integrated communication with the processing teams, and viewing and managing help information.
  • End users can define and update workflows for specific cases in order to handle changing regulations, differing policies across departments, and unique case situations.
  • End user created workflows can be saved as templates to provide efficiencies for users. These templates are pre-populated with appropriate steps and context for specific case types that can be processed in different ways, providing users with available options for processing the case, allowing them to select the correct and most efficient workflow possible.
  • Adherence to organizational compliance through specific workflow steps can be configured to ensure that essential organizational policies are required, while still allowing flexibility for case specific needs.
  • Workflows can be modified while they are active to account for real life circumstances, changes due to regulatory compliance, unforeseen events, etc.
  • End user admins can configure business rules, folder structures, etc. for each case type to match their business requirements, eliminating the need for additional development or releases and reducing maintenance overhead.
  • Provides a beautiful, intuitive and efficient UI/UX that enables users to easily navigate and complete work within the system.
  • At its core, the accelerator is built leveraging common components, essential modules, and common interfaces, creating a consistent platform experience across all case management applications and reducing training and development costs.
  • Enables the sharing of data across case types for more insightful reporting and analysis of organizational trends across all records.

Benefits & Business Impact

  • Provides an efficient and effective framework to create standard or dynamic workflows
  • Enables real-time visibility into case status
  • Tracking of tasking against SLAs to ensure timely action or response
  • Built-in flexibility to meet changing business needs or exception flows

 AppMarket 2020 Award Winner