VATT - Vuram Automation Testing Tool

VATT - Vuram Automation Testing Tool, developed using an intelligent hybrid framework that is designed to perform end-to-end functional testing for the Appian applications. The framework makes it easy to create and run automated tests without writing several lines of code.

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With VATT, you can:

  • Leverage a large range of predefined functions to interact with the Appian SAIL components easily
  • Use a single line of code to automate various reusable scenarios like track application status easily, export to excel, filter validation etc.
  • Test data maintained dynamically in an excel to run tests with different data sets without updating the test script
  • Assess test results using visually-rich reports

VATT stands out with its maximum functionalities, super-fast execution time, uninterrupted usage in multiple browser windows, and evergreen test script that needs no updates with Appian version changes. Plus it can be configured to work with any integrated application on the Appian.

We are offering VAT in two different versions: Trial and Premium.

Highlights of Trial version:

  • Extensive range of predefined functions that interact with the Appian SAIL components
  • Single line of code to automate reusable scenarios
  • Test data maintained dynamically in an excel to run tests with different data sets without updating the test script
  • Visually-rich reports to assess test results along with an excel log
  • Test script requires no updates with the Appian version changes

Some of the exclusive premium version features:

  • Get multiple ways to automate testing of Appian fields and make scripting simple
  • Security is the key, ensure security levels as per the various user roles
  • Fully-automated database testing to check for data integrity and ensure consistency
  • Switch between different browser windows and work with safe links handled in Appian easily
  • Test failure reports carry relevant screenshots along with failure messages for easy error identification
  • A function waits for the complete loading of all the elements on the screen to avoid time-out errors.
  • View and validate tooltip and mouse hover texts used at any point in the application
  • Retrieve any text from the application for use as test data wherever needed in the run time
  • Flexibility to extend automation capability towards third-party applications integrated with Appian
  • Auto emailing of test results post execution to ensure users don’t have to wait/set reminders to check completion
  • Value-add option to execute framework directly via the Jenkins server without dealing with test scripts on the local machine

Try VATT  to explore how it can help make automation testing easy. To opt for the Trial/Premium version of VATT framework, write to us at ​​