• MSGraph Email Poller

    Smart Service to poll emails from an Exchange server using MSGraph API. Authentication is via oAuth 2.0.
    Cloud Approved,
  • Intelligent Remote Asset Management

    Enable your workforce to manage assets & leverage intelligent serial number scanning to streamline tracking & issuing.
    Cloud Approved, Health Check Verified
  • FitNesse for Appian

    A tool that makes it easy to setup automated testing on the Appian platform
    Cloud Approved,
  • Cucumber For Appian

    Tool that builds on top of what FitNesse For Appian has implemented and allows users to write automated UI tests.
    Cloud Approved,
  • Framework Tools

    Functions and smart services for interacting with Appian's design objects like groups, rules, and constants.
    Cloud Approved,
  • Icon Picker

    A picker allowing a user to select an icon to be used within a!richTextIcon.
    Cloud Approved,
  • Expression Utils

    Provides rules for commonly needed functionality in Appian expressions.
    Cloud Approved,
  • Rich Text Editor Component

    Displays a field that allows user entry of formatted ("rich") text
    Featured Cloud Approved,
  • Rich Text Editor Image Upload Connected System

    Companion connected system plug-in which enables image uploads within the Rich Text Editor component plug-in.
    Cloud Approved,
  • VATT - Vuram Automation Testing Tool

    VATT is developed using an intelligent hybrid framework to achieve automation for the Appian applications.
  • Deployment Automation Manager

    With the Appian Cloud-approved Deployment Automation Manager, users can deploy applications and patch contents in one click...
    Cloud Approved,
  • PDFTron WebViewer Component

    View, annotate, search and redact PDFs, and images securely within the Appian platform without any third-party servers
    Cloud Approved,