• Highcharts Component

    Allows for the usage of several kinds of charts such as pyramid, activity gauge and bullet graph
    Cloud Approved,
  • Apryse System Plugin

    Connected system to create documents in Appian
    Cloud Approved,
  • AI Obligations

    Ensuring Compliance in the age of AI: Yexle's Governance, Risks, and Compliance Solutions
    Cloud Approved, Health Check Verified
  • Cryptographic Hash Functions

    Includes a set of handy functions for hashing and signing
    Cloud Approved,
  • Create JWT

    Create JWT Token signed with RS256 or PS256 algorithms
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  • MPP To Excel Conversion

    The MPP to Excel Smart Service Plugin designed to facilitate the conversion of MPP into Excel spreadsheets.
  • Appian Platform Helm Chart

    Configure and deploy Appian on Kubernetes (AoK) sites with ease while aligning to best practices using this Helm chart
    Cloud Approved,
  • Log Reader Tool

    Allows users to read and download log files directly from Appian, including in HA environments
  • Applify AI

    Accelerate your digital transformation with Applify.ai – the fusion of low code development and Generative AI.
  • Excel Aspose Utility

    Excel Utilities which includes conversion to PDF and reading information from any format of Excel(XLS,XLSX,XLSM etc)
  • Apryse WebViewer Component Plug-in

    View, annotate, search and redact PDFs, and images securely within the Appian platform without any third-party servers
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  • Advanced Rich Text Editor Connected System (Vuram)

    Allows users of Advanced Rich Text Editor (Vuram) to upload images and store them in Appian document management system
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