Does my Appian primary datasource need to have a different pool or the same pool as secondary datasources?

By default, the configure script will add a datasource to "appian-mysql-ds.xml" for Appian's primary database. The pool name is set to "MySqlDS" by default.

However, according to I should add my business datasource(s) to the same XML file as the one for Appian's primary database. So should these business datasources also have pool name "MySqlDS" or should I have a separate pool for those? And if I'm reusing the "MySqlDS" pool, do I need to keep the "min-pool-size" and "max-pool-size" elements within my business datasource definition, as these would already have been defined by the Appian primary one?

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  • Hi Rogeliog,

    Hope so you are doing fine,

    I am trying to install appian server but having difficulty with configuring the MySql connection can you kindly tell me what is JNDI? what do I need to put in .xml file 


    for tomcat.resource.xml

    what should be the name? here (<Resource name="jdbc/") what should be after jdbc/ should it be the schema name? e.g appian_schema I created in MySql servre

    what should be in url after port/

    is this the correct url? if I my sql servr is on local machine and the schema is appian_schema



    and for file, should the data source look like this? 

    I am new to appian and need to set a an appian server on my local machine, I am setting up server for first time, kindly help me out.

    Any help would be really appreciated 

    Thank you

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    JNDI and appian_schema in URL are different. They don't have to be match or unique. JNDI is used by the application server to load the resource and they have to start with jndi/<anyname>. In you have to mention the name you used in the app server so that Appian knows which JDNI to use as it's data source.

    If you have multiple JNDI they all have to be unique. Application server cannot load 2 JNDI with same name. 

    The appian_schema is the DB name you want to use as your Appian data source.

    what should be the name? here (<Resource name="jdbc/") what should be after jdbc/ should it be the schema name?

    Could be anything, it doesn't have to match your mysql db name. Just make sure you use the same in including jndi/<AS_IN_tomcat.resource.xml> e.g file, should the data source look like this? 

    Do not use, that is to add business data sources the old way. The data source defined in tomcat.resource.xml is only for Appian as a platform to use. Use a separate schema for business and add it via admin console: