Does my Appian primary datasource need to have a different pool or the same pool as secondary datasources?

By default, the configure script will add a datasource to "appian-mysql-ds.xml" for Appian's primary database. The pool name is set to "MySqlDS" by default.

However, according to I should add my business datasource(s) to the same XML file as the one for Appian's primary database. So should these business datasources also have pool name "MySqlDS" or should I have a separate pool for those? And if I'm reusing the "MySqlDS" pool, do I need to keep the "min-pool-size" and "max-pool-size" elements within my business datasource definition, as these would already have been defined by the Appian primary one?

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  • Business data sources configured by the admin console are just how the Appian software refers to them, similarly to defining them in "". You still need to define the datasource in your application server, e.g. "appian-mysql-ds.xml". Appian requires you to specify the JNDI name of the datasource in the admin console, so it must already exist. This is the configuration I'm referring to.