Custom email senders

Hi everyone,


I would like to set up a custom Email Sender based on a constant ( cons!AT_USER_CONSTANT ), and it should be able to select in process model --> Send Email --> From dropdown list

I have successfully set up the email-address-config-custom.xml and

But when I changed the constant to another value, I found that:-

1) the Sender Email Address is indeed bound by the conf.mailhandler.mail.user in 

2) Appian indicates that "Multiple SMTP servers can be specified using a comma-separated list. They will be tried in the order specified and mail will be sent using the first available." (source : ) while an expression (i.e. "cons!xxx) cannot be referred in a file


In that way, how would the Email Sender be dynamic as my cons! value changes? What should I do to make the Email Sender's email address dynamic, regardless of different servers?

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