Flyway implementation

I have implemented a small test to use the Appian Flyway integration per the documentation at the Deployment Automation Manager ( I have created a flyway.conf file and tested it outside of the Appian integration and it works fine.

I used the version control manager to check in a small sample application and used the buildSingleApp command to create a zip file from the repository. These appear to work just fine. Both the checkin and build properties files include the same details about the flyway directories.

When I run the import, it reports that the file is not found for the migrations, since it is a directory. /<...obscured...>/citesting/db/migrations (Is a directory)

Both the properties file and the command line help indicate that the flyway parameter is a path.

Are there any examples of a successful Flyway implementation? I did not find any in the documentation. I am confused by the lack of a parameter for the flyway.conf file and the lack of any flyway information in the import zip file.

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