Deployment Automation Manager

The Deployment Automation Manager consists of two tools used for:

  • Automating application deployments in Appian (Automated Import Manager)
  • Change management for Appian applications (Automated Versioning Manager)

Although the tools are best used in conjunction, they can be used independently as well.

The Automated Versioning Manager is a tool that helps manage Appian applications and database DDL files in a version control system. Given an Appian application ZIP file, the Automated Versioning Manager performs the following actions:

  • Unzips the application and organizes the artifact XML files in the repository.
  • Automates the check-in and check-out operations with the version control system.
  • Generates application packages for import in Appian based on the contents of the repository and a range of changes to include.

The goal of this tool is to facilitate the adoption and usage of a version control system to perform configuration management of the Appian applications and database DDL files.

With the Automated Import Manager, users can automatically deploy applications and patch contents (either applications from Appian OR packages generated from the Automated Versioning Manager) to any environment. Users will have three options for deployment: the tool can either deploy from the tool’s user interface in one click, trigger the deployment from an external CI tool or deploy from the command line.

The Automated Import Manager automates the process of inspecting the application, executing DDL scripts, updating CDTs, republishing the appropriate datastores, and importing the application.


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