Deployment Automation Manager

The Deployment Automation Manager consists of two tools used for:

  • Automating application deployments in Appian (Automated Import Manager)
  • Change management for Appian applications (Automated Versioning Manager)

Although the tools are best used in conjunction, they can be used independently as well.

For more information, please see visit:

  • When is this going to support application customization files? Without this support, we are unable to implement a truly automated deployment solution for Appian applications.

  • the solution already supports such files through the -ac_customization_path. The option is not named correctly and we will make the update but you can use that in your implementation.

  • Any news on Automated Export Manager ?  AFAIK we do not have a CLI/API for Exporting Application/Patch.

    If this is added, it will complete the whole deployment process.

  • v2.4.7

    * Enhancements

       * Added buildSingleApp action to extract one app from multi app repo

       * Renamed buildPackage to buildAllApps to better clarify the functionality

    * Bug Fixes

       * Fixed miscellaneous issues with parsing SQL in DDL file

       * Mark/reset issue with large customization files

  • v2.5.0

    * Enhancements

       * Added Flyway DB version control tool to command line and AIM GUI

       * Allow import of DDL scripts or Flyway scripts without an application zip or patch zip

       * Added Folder Listener script that will run addContents automatically when a file is dropped into a folder

    * Bug Fixes

       * Added buildAllApps to list of approved actions

       * Set inspect_only properly in AIM

       * Fixed bug where repo would be cloned into a folder with an incorrect name

       * Passed in correct authentication token for buildAllApps and buildSingleApp

  • v2.5.1 (Update on 17 Sep 2018)

    * Enhancements

       * New BuildMultipleApps action

       * Check version of tools with -v or -version flags

    * Bug Fixes

       * Fixed ADM SQL errors with non-null statements and forward slash as delimiters