Send Email Configure From Address

Trying to setup custom From email address on "Send Email" smart service on Appian 19.2 ,19.3.

Got a reference to link which is on 17.1

the paths of files has been changes for newer versions.

Can you please help in steps to create and new paths

below steps taken with reference to 17.1

Navigate to C:\appian\deployment\web.war\WEB-INF\conf\process\email-address-config.xml

created a copy of it as email-address-config-custom.xml (should the file be left in same locaiton?)

what is the next step? 

link regered to one other file in C:\appian\deployment\web.war\WEB-INF\resources\text\jsp\WEB-INF\conf\process\ 

what should be done here?

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