How to find out the group name to which the task was assigned earlier

Hi All,

I have to deactivate some users but they have 50-100 active task. We can find-out the assigned group names by active process instances but it would be a hectic task to do via process instances so I thought to automate this manual process. I have performed below steps:

  • Created user specific task report
  • Created a expression rule to fetch the list of task id associated to that user (used a!queryProcessAnalytics function)
  • Created Process model which have the Smart Service "Reassign Task", here i am stuck.
Is there any way to find out the group name to which task was assigned earlier as user may be part of different groups but I have to reassign the task back to the previous group only then i could directly run the process and reassign all the active task to groups and then deactivate the user.

Note : There is a possibility that a user may have added into multiple groups for different application.

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