How to improve performance of a PM using integrations?

I have 2 integrations that use REST calls to pull data from an outside system. I have a PM that uses these two integrations (2 nodes). When I run it it takes about 6 seconds to run. If a call the same 2 integrations from an interface, it takes about 3 seconds to run. I have a parent PM where I call this PM containing the integrations in order to pull the data, that way I can take that data and pass it into a form. I just don't like how slow it is. When I kick off the process model and load the form it is noticeable on the front end. 

Is there a way to speed up process models with integrations, or a way to call integrations within an interface without using a saveInto()? Overall I just want to improve the time it takes to run the integrations so the form is faster to load.

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