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Trying to understand how to make a better use of the news feed items I wonder if using it to post the creation and closing of every case is a good practice.

Thank you for your time!

  • Hi Francisco

    There's no "easy" answer to this. There is an 'art' to using the Newsfeed. To little information and Users won't use it because they can't find everything they want in one place...and too much information and Users can't find what they want because there's too much to wade through!

    Also you may want to consider Use Cases that aren't just about notifying Users about events that are just 'interesting' (not that these aren't useful, but they tend to create value through 'morale' - or otherwise) - rather than other types of value (such as collaborating on a Case where what needs to be done hasn't been formalised in the existing process - that is, a set of 'ad hoc' activities)

    Re-reading the above that all sounds a bit vague so here are some hard examples:

    • a Newsfeed event that informs the Sale Community that a large contract has just signed - this creates a shared morale-boost
    • a Newsfeed event that alerts the Software Procurement Community that a licence breach has just been detected. There's no automated way of procuring a new set of licences and the Procurement Team have a couple of options - to review the entire pool of licences and see if they can re-distribute some to resolve the breach; or to just go buy some more to make up the difference. They can do both of these by raising ad hoc tasks in the context of the Newsfeed event.

    So it comes down to what is going to be useful in your context, what sort of value you think you can generate by using Newsfeed events.


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