a!startProcess() and a!startProcessLink() at one place


I have 2 components:

1. a!buttonWidget() with a!startProcess() that starts the asynchronous process

2. a!linkField with a!startProcessLink() that starts my new process

Is there is a way to make these 2 components (buttons) looking the same? As I understand there is no way to start the process from the a!buttonWidget()

  • Hi  - you can try using the Cards as Buttons Pattern and throw any kind of link into each card (for example a!startProcessLink() or a!submitLink())

  • Perhaps this is the place for a product enhancement suggestion:

    Give buttons the optional capability of operating a dynamic link or other kind of link as opposed to their default saveInto behavior.

    You could set it up with an optional link: parameter that only runs if the saveInto: parameter is empty.

    This allows us to create buttons that behave as buttons and are formatted like buttons, but can do things like go to other pages or run an a!startProcessLink.  It is really, really frustrating trying to explain to clients that I can't, I mean physically can't, just make a button do it.  No, it really has to NOT be a button.

    Even if it was just a separate linkButton widget, that behaves exactly like a button visually, but only operates like a link behind the scenes.  Or an option to add button-like visuals to a regular link.  Just something to get rid of the limitation on a widget looking like this and doing that.

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