Best Practices to improve performance of each appian object

May I know some set Best Practices to be followed to improve the performance of the application(all Appian objects) because I had a scenario where main landing page is taking 20 seconds to load on site


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  • The bets practices are the same in any language:

    • only get the data you need to get for the context you're in
      • don't get more data than you need to display/process
    • limit the amount of data retrieved from the data source
      • retrieve your data in small batches if possible
    • minimize the number of round trips to the database to fetch the data
      • for example, if you have a value in the database that requires decoding, don't make one call to the database for each row you've retrieved - retrieve the list of decodes as a a second call and decode locally in the user interface 

    I'm sure there are other best practices that I've neglected to mention that others can throw into the discussion...

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    Null handling is important.

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