IDP experiences (picture formats , vendor settings....)

Hi folks,

is tought I just share some informationen regarding IDP (intelligent document process processing)  and different picture formats.

The following question arose during a RFI creation - can Appian deal with different file formats regarding IDP?

Problem: IDP can just deal with PDF 
So I tried to convert the following most common picture file formats to PDF, so IDP can deal with it.

Testing design:

  • User input/Form with a file upload field. 
  • Submitting it (document array)
  • using "Convert Image to PDF" Smart service  ("PDF Tool"- Plugin)

And it went perfect

All 13 formats were shown even as a single pdf (let alone it was working with a single picture)

-> so YES Appian can deal with different picture file formats
I think, there is no barrier for its IDP solution. (not verified yet).
Perhaps this is interesting for my fellow designers and I wanted to share this piece of information.

From further investigations:

  • Multi page TIFF is working fine.
  • Creating a 110 Pages PDF (11 Files of 10 page TIFF) was not an issue. The final size of the PDF was 11.77 MB
  • 117 files to combine is possible. (117 pages - 13 different image file types)  The final size of the PDF was 7.98 MB  and had quite some parsing time for a chained process: >1 minute.

Kind regards from Hamburg,

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