PDF Tools

Contains multiple Smart Services and Functions for interacting with PDF Documents.

Smart Services:

  • Merge PDF - Merges multiple PDF documents into a single document.
  • Extract PDF Pages - Extracts a range of pages from an existing PDF into a new PDF.
  • Fill PDF - Populates the fields of a PDF Form and optionally flattens it disallow further changes.
  • Create PDF Content - Allows text to be added to a PDF with control over the style, position, and angle. An existing PDF can be updated or a new one created from scratch.
  • Convert PDF to Image - Creates an array of images or a multi-page tiff from a PDF.
  • Compress PDF - Compresses the images in the PDF to make it smaller.


  • Get PDF Metadata - Retrieves metadata on the PDF: page count, title, author, security, encryption, etc
  • Get PDF Text - Retrieves the text content from a PDF.
  • Get PDF Form Fields - Retrieves the populated form field values of an unflattened PDF.
  • Hello

    FillPDF doesnt support Unicode Arabic .


  • Hello,

    We received the following error trying to deploy the latest version of PDFTools in Appian 18.2.  Any help is appreciated.

    12:56:32,037 INFO  [stdout] (Appian Plugin Hot Deploy) 2018-08-02 12:56:32,037 [Appian Plugin Hot Deploy] INFO  com.appiancorp.process.admin.LoadACSchemas - Attempted to skip registration of [com.appiancorp.ps.pdftools.MergePDF] as it is current [2.1.0], but the ActivityClassSchema was not registered, so re-registering

    12:56:32,063 INFO  [stdout] (Appian Plugin Hot Deploy) 2018-08-02 12:56:32,063 [Appian Plugin Hot Deploy] INFO  com.appiancorp.process.admin.LoadACSchemas - Attempted to skip registration of [com.appiancorp.ps.pdftools.ExtractPDFPages] as it is current [2.1.0], but the ActivityClassSchema was not registered, so re-registering

    12:56:32,089 INFO  [stdout] (Appian Plugin Hot Deploy) 2018-08-02 12:56:32,089 [Appian Plugin Hot Deploy] ERROR com.atlassian.plugin.manager.DefaultPluginManager - There was an error loading the descriptor 'Fill PDF' of plugin 'pdftools'. Disabling.

    12:56:32,093 INFO  [stdout] (Appian Plugin Hot Deploy) com.atlassian.plugin.PluginException: com.appiancorp.suiteapi.common.exceptions.AppianRuntimeException: com.appiancorp.process.admin.IncompatibleSmartServiceRegistrationException: The Smart Service Module was invalid: Illegal attempt to change the data type for smart service pdftools.FillPDF, input or output named PdfFields (APNX-1-4104-005)

  • Hi , the issue may be environment-specific.  However, please see if this KB article helps: community.appian.com/.../kb-1097-illegal-attempt-to-change-the-data-type-for-smart-service-x-x-x-input-or-output-named-name-error-thrown-during-plugin-deployment.

    Additionally, you may want to post in Discussions as your question will have the most visibility there!

  • Hi , We are facing issue with the plugin after upgrade to 18.3. Is this not supported ?

  • Hi Team,

    We're getting issues with the Plugin. The error is:

    bundleName for SmartServiceException, builder.smartServiceClass=class


    The platform version is 18.2. Let us know what would fix this, coz it's affecting also production apps that uses this.