How to convince prospects to use Appian at it's fullest potential?

I have constant prospects looking for Appian as a process documentation tool. They are always looking to diagram their entire business in order to start automatizing in a few years. What resources do you recommend me to use in those cases, so I can change the conversation and still engage them with Appian?

Basically I want to tell them that there is value on documentation, but Appian is not that kind of solution anymore. Appian decided to use BPM where it generates the most value.

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  • There are tools specific to BPMN. If you are using Appian for documentation tool, you are catching a wrong flight.
  • Thank you srinivasanr that is what we have been telling to them, and no I am not using Appian as a documentation tool.

    But there is like a general thought on the LATAM market to generate process documentation. And they keep searching Appian since it still clasifies itself as a BPM, however, the question here is: how can I engage a prospect with Appian that is searching me for process documentation? Or do you recommend me to just let those prospects?
  • Mario--When customers ask to document their processes with Appian, I usually tell them that in the time it takes to document, we can build a production-ready application. Using real-time process analytics and the flexible design-time, customers can use real world data to optimize those processes.

    Once the application(s) are built, the process documentation tool in designer will automatically create HTML details of the process models.

    Does that help?
  • Yes Amy, this may help.
    I'll apply your approach with my next prospect and keep you informed of the result.

    Thank's you are very kind.