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I have a requirement to query details once the process is achieved. I understand that, once data is archived, it moves to disk and using smart service we can un-archive data which appian will display in monitoring console.

With help of report context or query process analytics, we can query respective details.

My question is ---> say we want details in last couple of years to be un-archived. From the report context, can we query data based on unique identifier like a caseId for example ?

Quick response is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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  • I would suggest you rethink the design. If you're wanting to query details about a process instance that has long been archived then perhaps you store the relevant details in a database table where you can access the data, and manage it (e.g. keep on disk for 3 years and then delete). But even that seems a long time to be keeping data for about a process instance. What sort of data are you talking about and why do you need to retrieve it after the process has completed? That is: what's the Use Case you have?

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    A common design approach is to create DB tables to persist the data that you want to report on, especially if it is long term. So, if you want to report on process instance data, you can configure that process to put the data into a CDT that is is a DS and use write to datastore. Then, you will not need to introduce manual activities like unarchiving KDBs, etc.