Data Sync For Related Actions Error(While Updating The Data)

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Hi all,

   While Data Sync Enable, Doing related action For Update query in the table by using the Write to data store smart service. I am getting data sync error as below screenshot.

I have generated the related action by using "generate a Record action". but in documentation said that Immediate sync is possible by using write to data store smart service.But it is failing and returning error as below

Thank you.

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  • If you search that issue identifier in the application server logs, do you find a corresponding error message? That should help you begin to troubleshoot. Also, could you share information about the CDT you're using? Does the process complete successfully?

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    I am facing similar kind of an issue where the record is sync is failing randomly. We are using record sync smart service in a process model. NOTE: when performing manual sync or scheduled sync then it never fails. It is only failing when using smart service and that  too randomly. Few times it is success but few times it fails. There is no defined pattern at times it fails around 300s and at ties it fails within 26s.

    We tried checking the stdout logs but there is no clear error message. we have identified few different kind of errors in the logs as below:

    Can you please provide any insight/help of what these errors are?


    the source table do not have any integer field. it is all text. Even the primary key is a text value (composite key). The sync is failing when using smart service and that too not always. But it IS WORKING in Dev and test env. It is NOT working in PROD env only.

    Can there be some other issue that can cause this error randomly in PROD only.
    again, Manual and scheduled sync is working fine only smart service sync is failing randomly. In dev and test all three types of sync is working absolutely fine

  • Ah it looks like you have more info in this post - what do you mean when you say that the primary key is a composite key? It isn't possible to use a composite key with synced record types. In general I still think your best approach is to open a support ticket.

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    composite key is also a primary key, but the difference is that it is made by the combination of more than one column to identify the particular row in the table. 

    Just wanted to add one more info, we have done SAP integration through which we are sourcing data in the record.

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