Next and Back Button for Records in a Read-Only Grid

So I have a read-only grid displayed on a site through an interface. The summary is also displayed through an interface, and the summary of a record is pictured below.

What I want to do is add a button, going to the next or previous record so that the user doesn't have to click the home button in the top-left.

I found this thread but wasn't sure how to apply it to my situation (not completely sure how to apply a!query):

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    3 months ago in reply to davinar9817
    I am using a record type but

    Then you'd just use queryRecordType instead of QueryEntity.  Everything else should work essentially the same.

    I don't understand where to put the a!queryEntity in relation to the button(s)

    As I wrote in the other thread, you will need to use Links for this, as Buttons have no way to do actual Record Link functionality which is what you'll really want to use here.  As for where to query the data: you would query it with the other local variables at the top of the form - basically just to get the identifiers for "next record" and "previous record".  Then you would place your links wherever you want - on the bottom, at the top, in very tiny columns on the sides, etc... that's up to you.