Having trouble writing data to data store entity

Hi all,


I am a beginner in Appian and I have come across a problem that I've debugged for an hour but can't find the solution to. I'm attempting to write data to a data store entity and I continue to get the following error:

Problem:  An error occurred in executing an Activity Class.

Details:  An error occurred while trying to write to the entity "vehicle_parts" [id=7241da9e-15f3-402f-ae6d-b0f08195974e@87648, type=VFM_Part (id=3724)] (data store: VFM DS CK). Details: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The record to be saved must not be null: TypedValue[it=3724,v=<null>] Data: TypedValue[it=3724,v=<null>]

Recommended Action:  Examine the activity class to correct the error and then resume.

Priority of this problem: High Priority


Does anyone have any idea how to solve this? If it helps, I'm also having trouble finding the created table after I save and publish my data store with no issues.

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