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With reference to all the community links and the discussions available, I just wanted to check whether the following is possible or not,

with Reference to my earlier post

We are going to build a public landing page where we will be having the feeds and the latest news coming up with out Use of Appian.

Now I got a question like can we customize the login screen of Appian cloud environment itself where we can provide the latest news and feeds popping up like any of the news paper sites where the latest updates will be popping up on the screen.

Also can I move this user Name and password fields and give a login link instead.

below is also one of the reference

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    Hi Harshav,

    it is possible and we have done the custom login, using google captcha APIs to prevent the robot logins. You can have your wish-list to this.

    You need changes to login.jsp, whitelist your urls, custom servlet-plugin. This can call a process model in Appian or use the APIs to directly meet the requirements.

    As suggested on the other post - you need to work with Appian Support on this.

    You can build the plugin and configure an Appian instance to see it working locally, followed by Appian Support to configure your cloud instance or best take it with the Appian support directly.
  • Hi Manish,

    Could you please share a bit more detail about it? We are also having same requirement - Having Google Captach on the login page.

    If possible, could you please share the code or anything regarding that?



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