Part Twelve: Start Appian 17.4 and Log In ERROR with Jboss

HI, im tryin to iniciated appian with all the services. but when i run the 

  • <JBOSS_HOME>\bin\standalone.bat get me this error how can i fix it.

my guide is this:

im on the part twelve.

when im going to the browsers show me this.

Thanks fot he help.

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    in reply to Benhail
    I just fought for an entire week to get anywhere with this. Do you know the problem? I finally figured it out. I was using J Connector 8.0.11. It doesn't have a bin.jar file in the zip. It uses an entirely different connector driver that I'm going to assume Appian 18.1 wasn't built for.

    Follow the guide but DO NOT get the latest J Connector. Use 5.1.46. You'll see a 5.1.46.jar file, and right next to it a 5.1.46-bin.jar file and then you'll understand. If you did mysql.cj.jdbc.Driver, just switch back to mysql.jdbc.Driver. I successfully connected to the database for the first time when I did this.