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I have a requirement to delete a record using related action. After performing that action that has to redirect to another page in the site.

  • Hi ,

    One way to achieve that would be to give a confirmation screen after the record is deleted successfully using related actions. The confirmation screen (Interface) can have a!safeLink() which will contain the link to the site.

    But do wait for what other practitioners have to say.

  • Is the page to which you want to be redirected a User Task, a Report, or a Record view?

    If task, just design the process to flow into the task after the action.

    If it's a record or a report, a link is one option.

    If that doesn't satisfy your need, please open a support case to communicate what you're trying to do back to the product team.

  • Hi venkatad,

    As Robert asked to which page you want to redirect? If you can elaborate your use case further it will be helpful to solve the issue .I don't think so it can be achievable ,unless you use a!safelink() which opens in a new window or a tab.



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