Cucumber For Appian: Set test variable with the output of a step definition

Hello All,

I am a beginner with Cucumber for Appian. I am wondering whether cucumber for appian supports assignment of output of a step definition to a variable. I can see "Given set test variable "VAR" with "VALUE" in the cheat sheet which in turn will expect a value to be assigned at the time of declaration itself.

I believe this is possible in Fitnesse for Appian using the below:

|$VAR= |get grid|[2]|column|[2]|row|[1]|value|

I am looking for similar function in Cucumber for Appian something like:

Given I set test variable "VAR" with | When I get grid "[1]" column "[2]" row "[2]" value |

Thanks in Advance.

Santhosh R.R.

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