Accidentally moved a folder into another folder - anyway to revert this? Also, "Move" option for an object is disabled.

Hi all,

I was moving objects between applications and accidentally moved our Sandbox Process Model folder into another folder in our main application. Is there any way to remove it again? It seems as though my only option when moving it is to move it into another folder, whereas before I don't believe it was in one, it was just in the other application.

Additionally, I'm trying to move a process model object into another folder, but the "Move" button is disabled - does anyone have any idea what might cause this?

Thanks for any help - I tried searching but couldn't find anything for the above.

  • Hi

    If you have recently edited/created that model then if you select a model in the application package --> process modeler folder --> process model then it shows the MOVE button disabled.

    Workaround: Open process modeler then press Ctrl + O, then select the model from the folder, you will see a move option available for it. then you can move it to the target folder.

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