COVID-19 Appian App deployment issue

A Score Level 1

Hi Community,

I just saw that Appian has released an Application for the COVID-19 crisis and I want to check it out on a test environment. I have followed the instructions and as well created obtained the google maps API-Key and changed it on the configuration file.

When I deployed, I have 1 problem and 27 cascading problems

Any idea why this problem might occur?

Problems (1):
connectedSystem _a-0000e428-dd70-8000-d620-01ef9001ef90_43815 "Google Maps": An error occurred while creating connectedSystem [uuid=_a-0000e428-dd70-8000-d620-01ef9001ef90_43815]: java.lang.RuntimeException: com.appiancorp.suiteapi.content.exceptions.InsufficientNameUniquenessException: Name is insufficiently unique (APNX-1-4071-007)


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