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Hi All,

I have a requirement where i will be using more than thousand  images of employees . we will have to show those images as per user's selection and in future number of images can be increased as well. my question is ,

will it be feasible to store all those images in appian? or should we use other solution like filenet integration?

Thanks in Advance

  • That number of images shouldn't be an issue. There are Appian systems with hundreds of thousands of documents of all types stored within the system. In fact, Appian has well over 1,000 employee images for their own internal system. The things you should think about are what disk space requirements will you have for your images, and is Appian the appropriate system of record for those images.

    If your images are large you just need to size your disk space appropriately. If you are already storing the employee images somewhere else and it doesn't make sense to duplicate them in Appian, it may make sense to utilize an integration in that case.

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