Web API to get document by document ID

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I need to create a web api which would take document ID as input and should give the document.  I tried using document download function in the web api and the response I am getting is as follows:

[@attributes=[@anyAttribute=[_documentDownloadLink:ioBHxsE-N_JZt_4edZOQWnRVKO7BA2EyyDE3f8W5ryXvpMCFErFIBm5KMo], @nil=], document=[Document:117890], label=loan, actions=, version=-1]

How can I get the document from here?  

I also created the web api to download the document where the response is the url like "">mysite.com/.../56831"

But I do not want to get the link to download the document.  

Is there any other way to get the document through web api?  

Thanks in advance,

Brinda Sateesh.

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