Error evaluating UI expression

Hi, i am getting this error but there is no further information on which expression rule might be causing this. Checked the tomcat logs but the stack trace does not show any further useful information either.

Error evaluating UI expression

  • Expression evaluation error [evaluation ID = 43f47:2469d] : Invalid index: Cannot update value of length 5 by assigning value of length 1

Anyone can advise on how to troubleshoot this error further?

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  • i traced through the flow of UI invocation from within appian designer and got this error when i click on the same link that throws the earlier error i posted. it seemed to give more information but i couldn't understand what this error is about.

    anyone has any idea?

    Could not display interface. Please check definition and inputs. Interface Definition: Expression evaluation error [evaluation ID = 62197:797b3] : An array of components cannot contain a form layout, dashboard layout, or column layout. Received a form layout at index 1.

  • this error also seemed to appear only after upgrade to appian ver 22 from ver 20. Another interesting observation i had is that this error will only be thrown when a appian administrator type user triggered it. There is no error when a appian basic type user triggers it.

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