Is it possible for an interface that was displaying fine until yesterday to suddenly display a formula error?(昨日まで正常に表示されていたインターフェースで、突然式のエラーが表示されることはありますか?)

thank you always.
Something unprecedented happened with the interface I was developing.

Implemented in expression mode on 2024/4/4 18:00 (JST) and saved without errors.
2024/4/5 09:00 (JST), Opening the same interface causes an expression error.

There is no evidence that anyone has edited it. There were certainly no errors when I saved it yesterday, and I was happy to be able to display it and took a capture. However, by the end of the night, the code that worked was determined to be an error.

Specifically, get the value from the record type and save the aggregated value in a local variable. The display was successful by passing the alias defined when aggregating the variable + measure to the graph.
Here's how to pass it.
local variable["alias name"]

However, the next morning, an error occurred in the .data["alias name"] part.
The details of the error are as shown in the attached image.

As a workaround, the issue was resolved by removing the .data["alias name"] part from the variable.

This is the first time something like this has happened and I am surprised. I am concerned that the objects I have created so far will also be affected.
Is this a common occurrence with Appian? Does anyone know the reason and how to deal with it?

Thank you.


2024/4/4 18:00(JST)、式モードで実装し、エラーがない状態で保存しました。
2024/4/5 09:00(JST)、同一のインターフェースを開くと式のエラーが発生しています。



ところが翌朝、.data["エイリアス名"] の部分でエラーが出ています。

対応として、.data["エイリアス名"] の部分を変数から外すことで解決しました。



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    What is the source of your data? Has anything changed at the source level?

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    Is it possible that when you were editing the interface yesterday you had some specific Test Inputs? And when you reloaded the interface today it was using different test inputs? If not this, then my guess would be that the underlying record data was changed somehow which caused the error message. Either that or your interface is calling another interface/expression rule which was modified.

    I have never seen Appian randomly start erroring overnight due to any platform issue, so I wouldn't worry about that.

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    Has been the underlying data changed? 

  • Dear community members, thank you very much for your many answers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Currently, each reply is falsely detected as spam by Appian, and that would take too much time, so please forgive me for replying all at once.

    This problem continued to occur even after posting. The original data source is a record type, and there are no changes to the original data or different test inputs. The same thing happened when it happened several times. But I found a solution. The best way to do this is to use your browser's super reload feature. (ctrl+F5)

    This had never happened before, but since I started creating an interface that uses graphs, I have often noticed that the contents of the latest formula and the contents displayed on the screen do not match. Ta. It seems that normal reload (F5) or saving the object often does not have much effect.
    The environment I am using is Windows 10 Chrome browser.
    It seems to be a problem on the Chrome side rather than Appian.

    The confusion at the time of posting this time was probably due to an error occurring during the final save. However, because a screen that was not showing an error before editing was displayed, the user assumed that there was no error even though it actually contained an error, and when the user reopened the page, the user was confused.

    I was very surprised as it was my first time, but I'm glad I was able to understand the solution. If possible, we would like to avoid this kind of trouble, but thank you for your cooperation.



    使用している環境はWindows10のChrome ブラウザです。



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    Hi again!

    Each reply is detected as Spam because your message contains the information also in japanese.....

  • I am always grateful for your help.
    That's what I thought at first, so I tried using it only in English. However, since the detection results were the same and the review passed even if it included Japanese, I felt that this was not the root cause.
    I repeatedly asked Appian Community email support to fix the spam detection, and it seems like they fixed it, and I was able to take action more than once today. I don't know the detailed reason, but I am truly grateful to be able to use the community. thank you

    Appian Communityのメールサポートへ繰り返しスパム検知を修正するようにお願いをしたところ、改善していただけたのか、本日は2回以上のアクションが可能でした。詳細な理由はわかりませんが、communityを利用できることに心から感謝申し上げます。ありがとう