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I am currently trying to make SOAP call to Oracle Right Now(ORN) Enterprise. ORN provides WSDL however I was not able to connect to the WSDL via Web Service smart node, getting 'An error occurred while processing the WSDL. It may not be a valid WSDL 1.1 document. (APNX-1-4041-002)'. tried with third party SOAP test tool and it worked. I am guessing the WSDL is currently not supported by Appian.

Is there an another way to make SOAP call other than Web service smart node?

I was looking into 'Send HTTP Request Plug-in' plug in. The plug in description says it supports to send SOAP XML to a Web Service but didn't provide further instructions. 

If someone can provide more high level details implementation direction or any other approach that I can try, I would really appreciated.

FYI, the following is the example SOAP XML provided ORN for the operation I want to use.

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=''>
    <soapenv:Header xmlns:rnm=''>
        <wsse:Security soapenv:mustUnderstand="false"
                <wsse:Password wsse:Type="
                            <rnb:ID id="1"/>
                    <rno:Subject>Overheating of the device</rno:Subject>
                        <rno:ThreadList action='add'>
                                <rnb:ID id='2'/>
                            <rno:Text>Thank you for reaching out!</rno:Text>
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  • Sure. The National Weather Service has some information accessible via a SOAP protocol: 

    The WSDL is 

    When you load the endpoint into SOAPUI, you get a list of available services. The one I used is LatLonListZipcode.



    Here is the sample request:

    <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:ndf="">
          <ndf:LatLonListZipCode soapenv:encodingStyle="">
             <zipCodeList xsi:type="dwml:zipCodeListType" xmlns:dwml="">20191</zipCodeList>

    and the response:

    <SOAP-ENV:Envelope SOAP-ENV:encodingStyle="" xmlns:SOAP-ENV="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:SOAP-ENC="">
          <ns1:LatLonListZipCodeResponse xmlns:ns1="">
             <listLatLonOut xsi:type="xsd:string"><?xml version='1.0'?><dwml version='1.0' xmlns:xsd='' xmlns:xsi='' xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation=''><latLonList>38.9521,-77.3452</latLonList></dwml></listLatLonOut>

    Copying and pasting the request into Appian we have:


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