Integration is giving error while trying to fetch its result

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Hello All,


I have an application where I'm trying to get the value from integration call. As per the documentation its being mentioned that onSuccess{


} will return the result which we can save into existing ri or local variable. But in my case its giving error that fv!result is not found. Can somebody tell me the reason behind this issue? Any suggestion here would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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  • Hi viveku0001, if you can give more details about your issue like the system message and your snippet code we might be able to find something. I assume that you doing something like the sample code below from Appian Docs:

      label: "Place Your Order",
      /* Call the integration to update the external system when the button is pressed */
      saveInto: rule!AuthorizeCreditCardPayment(
        cardNumber: local!cardNumber,
        expirationDate: local!expirationDate,
        ccv: local!ccv,
        amount: local!amount,
        onSuccess: {
          /* Handle the successful response */ 
          a!save(local!result, fv!result)
        onError: {
          /* Handle the error response */ 
          a!save(local!paymentErrorMessage, fv!error.message)

  • Are you certain that the web service call is executing successfully? If there is an error the onSuccess portion will not be triggered.
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    Hi viveku0001 couple of quick questions and few suggestions here to identify, debug and resolve this issue:

       Q1. May i know what's the response code of your WEB-API?

       Q2. What's the error message as per the log?

    Debugging steps:

    1. Comment onError and onSuccess expression of your Web-API and then Test the Web-API, and check whether are you getting the success response or an exception/error.
    2. If it's an error/exception then try to resolve it first

    NOTE: Yes, you can use list of a!save() or a!httpResponse() over onSuccess and onError.

    Is it possible for you to share your WEB-API expression and log error message, so that it will be easy to understand the root cause and resolve the same.