Outlook Integration error

I am using connected system with Oauth2.0 to connect to office365 and get the calendars i m able to authorize using connected system however when testing the base url I get the below error

Invalid credentials

Appian was not able to authenticate with the access token you provided. This request requires Bearer authentication. HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized Next Steps

  • This integration is using a connected system with OAuth 2.0 authentication configured. You may need to authorize access to the external system and retry the request.
  • Make sure that you are using the correct OAuth 2.0 configuration for this external system
  • Make sure that the OAuth 2.0 configuration provides the required scope to make this request
  • Check the request and response for more details
  • Review the external systems documentation for information on what may have caused the problem

When i run the authorization its executes successfully.  Has any one seen this issue before or can someone share the Oauth2.0 configuration related to outlook ( For outlook defining a scope is mandatory)

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