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I would like to learn a bit more of Fitnesse for Appian, get to be able to create test cases and suites for my Appian application.

Can someone recommend the best material to work with? I am struggling to find step step cases on Appian.




  • Hi ManuelHTG,

    1) Click on the below link and download the Fitnesse
    2) Extract the zip file into the one of the drives in the system
    3) Go the location in the unzipped folder FitNesseForAppian\configs
    4) Open the file,
    a) Configure the location of unzipped Fitnesse folder for “automated.testing.home”.
    Ex: automated.testing.home=D:/FitNesseForAppian
    b) Configure the appian version for the system in which you want run the fitnesse for “FITNESSE_FOR_APPIAN_VERSION”.
    5) Open the file,
    a) Map the list of users and their credentials in the file, which are used for logging into the appian
    Ex: testuser1=test1234
    List of users for Application and their passwords which we need to configure in are,
    6) Click on start.bat which will be present in the FitnesseForAppian folder and you will be prompted with the command prompt as fitnesse started with the port details as below,

    7) Open the browser and type localhost:portnumber, for instance localhost:8980
    8) You will find the Cheat Sheet in which you will find the scripts for fields
    9) Under Examples you will find one TestExample and one can use it for checking the fitnesse connection
    10) On top of the page you will find Edit option. Click on “Edit” in order to edit the TestExample script
    11) You will be directed to the TestExample script page and under that you will find this Initialization part, which you need to configure as per your requisites.
    12) And later below to this initialization you need to start your script.

    13) After finishing you script save the script and click on “Test” which will be available on top the saved script

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