Appian process to read the incoming email from Outlook

Hi All,

We need Appian process to read the incoming email from my Outlook and get all the email attribute's in the process. Can you please help me with the configuration need to be made in server side, so that Appian can read the incoming emails.

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  • Hi Sayali,
    AFAIK There are 2 approaches to read the incoming mail from outlook:

    1. Mail poller shared component: This plug-in consumes all unread email from a mailbox and adds entries to a database table for use by processes. This shared component creates some additional tables which stores all the email information in DB. However you need to make significant changes at your MS exchange level(java Keys/values) as mentioned in this shared components' documentation.
    please refer below URL for more info for this plug in

    2. Receive Message event in process model: You can trigger a particular process model through email using receive message event at start node of the process model. In this approach you will have to store all the required email properties using message properties bean.
    To trigger the process model you need to send an email to processmodeluuid<model_uuid> you are on cloud). If you don't want to provide an email id having processmodeluuid<model_uuid>@subdomain.appiancloud details to users then you need to make some alias configurations in file & need to create a service account at MS exchange.
    Your Appian administrator must enable the Anonymous system user to allow the sending of an email to a process or process model.
    you may refer below url for these details:

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