IMAP Mail Poller

Enhancement to the plug-in to enable the selection of whether or not to include the email attachments as part of the EML document. Previously, the plug-in would create an EML document with the attachments stripped out. Our client needs to preserve the original e-mail as it was sent (for auditing purposes), so the EML must include the attachments as part of it. This update extends the functionality to allow the user to select whether they want an EML with the attachments removed (original functionality), an EML with attachments included, or both (2 EMLS of original email - one without the attachments included and one with the attachments included). Any e-mail attachments will continue to be saved separately. Takes all unread email from a mailbox and adds entries directly to a database table.

The original email is saved as an EML based on three attachment type options

  1. EML with attachments removed
  2. EML with attachments included
  3. Both (2 EMLs of original email) - EML with attachments removed and EML with attachments included

Each email attachment is saved as its own document. The database tables store the Appian document ids, email recipients, subject and body (text and HTML).

Please refer to the attachments included in the download for further documentation and examples.