#Plugins #SharePoint 2010 Document Integration Hi, I am facing an issue while tr

#Plugins #SharePoint 2010 Document Integration Hi, I am facing an issue while trying to create a folder in SharePoint by making use of 'Create Folder in SharePoint 2010'. "Transport error: 401 Error: Unauthorized" is the error being experienced currently. With regards to environment, Appian 16.1 and SharePoint 2013 are being used.

On a side note, I have gone through the forum posts made earlier but they didn't seem to me much useful as per my understanding. So I would request to explain them (at-least at a high level) if possible in case if the previous links are to be mentioned.

I am happy to provide more details if needed. I should also add that the SharePoint Integration in Appian is successful when Connector Functions are used but it's failing when the SharePoint 2010 Document Integration Plugin is being used.




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  • Can you please confirm if the SharePoint Site you are trying to connect to is load-balanced? We encountered the same issue while using the plugin with a load-balanced SharePoint server and it got fixed the SharePoint Server team by making some changes to the Configuration (Method/Persistence) of the Virtual server being used for the Load balancing. I would suggest you work with your SharePoint team resolve this if it's a load-balanced server.
  • @prosenjitd Are you sure that it's related to load balancing? I am assuming that it's a security issue (though am unaware of the source) after exploring the similar issues in sites such as Stack Exchange.
  • Well, we had not faced this issue with the Site that's not load-balanced, the issue happened only with the load-balanced site. We had found this while comparing the "working" and the "not-working" sites in terms of all the server configurations and only difference that emerged was the load-balancing in the "not-working" site. Upon further investigation, we traced back to similar issue encountered by another system (non-Appian) while connecting to a similar load-balanced server and we applied the similar fix. Hence my suggestion to you was to check that possibility. It's definitely a security issue and in our case the origin of it was in the Virtual Server that routes the traffic to the Application servers. So, essentially you have to check the configuration of the Virtual server/Web Server to look for any adjustments you have to make to get this working. In our case, We had to Set the following configurations in the Virtual server -

    Method - Least Connection
    Persistence - SSLSESSION
  • @prosenjitd OK, many thanks for your inputs. I will try to carry forward your views to the SharePoint team and I will update the post shortly if I hear from them. I am just trying to make sure that nothing is going wrong from the Designer perspective.
  • One thing to consider that Appian supports only basic authentication. If your SharePoint system is configured to work with any other authentications such as Windows or NTLM authentication, etc, you may get security errors.