Tasks not showing up in Tempo

So I've been learning Appian and almost all the way through the tutorial. I had been adding Vehicles to my fleet all day yesterday and performing Actions accessed from Tempo to Approve :-)

This morning for some reason, Actions are not showing up in Tempo. Nothing has changed, I'm certain of that. I have triple checked Security settings.

In Designer switching to Monitoring tab, I see 3 processes. If I select a process it opens up Process Modeler  in "Monitor Process View". It shows Task is indeed assigned to me.

Curiously, if I open the Process Model and then click "Process Instances" in the toolbar, I do not see any instances. I would have expected to see 3 (just like I did from Designer).

How do I debug this problem? Process Instances are there....but they are not there...but they are there, and when they are there, the Input Task is assigned to me, but...where did they go? Why can't I see tasks that show they are assigned to me in Tempo?


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