The record type [identifier=SYSTEM_RECORD_TYPE_USER] cannot be queried

Objective is to display the firstName of all active users.

recordType: 'recordType!{SYSTEM_RECORD_TYPE_USER}User',
fields: 'recordType!{SYSTEM_RECORD_TYPE_USER}User.fields.{firstName}firstName',
filters: a!queryFilter(
field: 'recordType!{SYSTEM_RECORD_TYPE_USER}User.fields.{active}active',
operator: "=",
value: true
pagingInfo: a!pagingInfo(startIndex: 1, batchSize: 500)

ref {user() Function - Appian 23.2}

throwing below error 

Expression evaluation error at function a!queryRecordType: The record type [identifier=SYSTEM_RECORD_TYPE_USER] cannot be queried because it is a service-backed record type.

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