Process Model Design For Multilevel Parallel Approvals

Hai all,

 I am very new to Appian Development ,  i have one use case please tell me how to design this  in my use case we have the price change request is sent by vendor to Buyer , buyer have 4 options they are

1. reject request 

2, Approve

3 Sent back to vendor for review 

4 sent to internal teams(when ever the buyer opted for this then only the below mentioned process should happen)

, here we have 3 internal teams named as Pricing ,finance and Merchandise , the price change is increased by  >10% the request should move to Pricing and Merchandise teams queue

if the price change is decreased  <10% the request should move to Finance team only , and the Cost price changes percentages and internal teams will change for a request by the buyer admin based on the business rules 

please help me on this i have got struck from long ago.

thanks and regards 

b ramesh babu

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