Docusign plugin error


I am trying to create a plugin which calls DocuSign Api to digitally sign the pdfs. It's working fine in regular java but when I test it in Appian, I get the following error in jersey core jar. I am using jersey version 1.19.1.

Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: com.sun.jersey.spi.service.ServiceConfigurationError: com.sun.jersey.spi.HeaderDelegateProvider: The class com.sun.jersey.core.impl.provider.header.LocaleProvider implementing provider interface com.sun.jersey.spi.HeaderDelegateProvider could not be instantiated: Cannot cast com.sun.jersey.core.impl.provider.header.LocaleProvider to com.sun.jersey.spi.HeaderDelegateProvider

Please help me to resolve this issue.



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  • Hi here i would like to give you 2 suggestions.
    1. try using jersey-core-1.3-SNAPSHOT.jar instead of your current Jar file if this also do not fixes the issue then,
    2. Then i feel it's a classloader issue , so you can re-write the code in following way:
    ClassLoader old = Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader();

    try {
    // Jersey client stuff
    } finally {
    Try this in case of your Jersey Core jar version as well as in case of jersey-core-1.3-SNAPSHOT.jar saperately

    Also please make sure, at one time you are using only one core jar file of Jersey, either jersey-core-1.3-SNAPSHOT.jar or your current one, but i recommend try in case of both the Jars saperately