Error processing Resultset in Execute Stored Procedure - SQL Server

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We are using Execute Stored Procedure to execute DB operations. we are facing issues in retrieving the resultset in case an output parameter is defined in the procedure.

Definition - @ErrorMessage varchar(4000) output

The Procedure is for get operation and below are the observations :

fn!executestoredprocedure :  The resultset is not returned

O/p - [success:false,error:Error processing results in procedure XXXXX ]

Smart Service : The smart service node errors out with an alert for null pointer.

Alert : There is a problem with task “Execute Stored Procedure” in the process “XXXXXX”. java.lang.NullPointerException
Problem:  An error occurred in executing an Activity Class.  

* These issues are resolved and the resultset is properly populated if we remove the Output param mapped in the procedure.
* Even a declaration of output param is good enough to break the call i.e no processing just a standard declaration.
* If I don't attempt retrieving the resultset, even with parameters declared the smart service executes (doesn't throw null pointer exception).

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