CI: Using Automated Versioning Manager (AVM) 2.4.2 with GIT & SSH-AGENT on Ubuntu still requires username/password

Hi There,


I've hit a snag using the AVM version 2.4.2, please see below a few questions for which I couldn't get answers searching online + Appian's docs.


Context: I'm using my GIT repo's SSH URL and I've got an ssh-agent running in my XUbuntu OS which allowed my to clone the project's GIT repo as always through the terminal.


1. How do I tell the AVM tool not to try and authenticate with my GIT server if I have an ssh-agent running?

2. If it is recommended as per the plugin docs to use the GIT SSH URL rather than the HTTPS url, why then does the tool still require the vcUsername and vcPassword?

3. Would it be possible to allow users to tell the AVM tool not to try do anything with the GIT remote server so that users can have full control of GIT activities to perform via the terminal or a dedicated Git tool if they want to? Encapsulating the GIT actions in AVM is a bit superfluous and doesn't really prevent one to do what they want with the repo outside the AVM tool, so why not?






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