Excel Tools - Out of memory - Java Heap Space error while reading large excel files over 25 MB

Hi All

Here is the details of the problem that we’ve encountered while dealing with large excel files over 25 MB.

Error: Expression evaluation error : Java heap space

Smart services and Expression functions used to read and write excel spreadsheets (XLSX):

  • Parse Excel Sheet
  • Export CDT to Excel
  • Excelreadcellsbynumber()
  • Excelreadcellsbyname()

Problem Description:

  • Excel files uploaded by users cause Java Heap Space Memory to grow leading to environment slowness and temporary downtime. These files are processed by above mentioned smart services and functions.
  • All smart services and expression functions used for reading and writing uses APACHE POI Java Library

Smart Services and Expression Functions Usage:

  • All files uploaded by users are parsed by Parse Excel Sheet smart service to read excel sheet tabs.
  • Export CDT to Excel Smart Service is used to export data to excel file and populates excel sheet tabs.
  • Excelreadcellsbynumber() expression function is used to read a specific cell value

Please let us know, if anybody has resolved this issue. We also looked at using Event Model APIs from Apache POI library but seems to be huge development effort to replace entire excel tools.

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