Reading Shared Login Audit Files on Distributed Environments

Hi All,

We have a requirement to read login audit files and create a report based on daily files data to determine who is logging in and how frequently users are using Appian on daily basis.

To provide you more context on infrastructure, we use on-premise high availability and distributed systems environment setup with shared application log files and IBM DB2 database.  

We have multiple servers where application logs reside and linked to local machine on shared-logs.

This is an example of shared application logs setup.

APPIAN_HOME/shared-logs/<machine A>
APPIAN_HOME/shared-logs/<machine B>
APPIAN_HOME/shared-logs/<machine C>

We want to read login-audit.csv file from each application server and store information into database for reporting purposes.

To check feasibility of this requirement, we evaluated couple of Plug-ins from APP MARKET.

1) LOG READER: Plug-in reads login audit files only from Single application server and doesn't consolidate all login audit files. This gives us incomplete information about user logins. Nevertheless, Plug-in is very useful and worked very well on non-distributed environments considering it has only single /logs folder and needs to be enhanced further for cloud and distributed environments usage.

2) LOGIN INFORMATION PARSER: Plug-in doesn't support reading shared logs file at the moment nor does it provide any support for IBM DB2. It fails to create table on IBM DB2 database.

Please let me know, if you have encountered this situation before and appreciate if you can share some inputs on any plug-ins or workaround otherwise updating plug-ins seems to be only solution for now.

Thank you!

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