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I am trying to display direction using the below plugin function but it is not working.  Can you please let me know what is the issue?

label: "Google Map Directions",
labelPosition: "ABOVE",
validations: {},
height: "AUTO",
googleMapsApiKey: /*Api key*/
origin: {
Lat: 12.972442,
Lng: 77.580643
destination: {
Lat: 41.40338,
Lng: 2.17403
waypoints: {},
enableWaypointOptimization: true(),
travelMode: "DRIVING",
departureTime: now(),
arrivalTime: now() + 5,
enableZoom: true(),
enablePanning: true(),
enableStreetView: true(),
enableTrafficLayer: true(),
useMetric: true(),
avoidFerries: false(),
avoidHighways: false(),
avoidTolls: true(),
onResponse: {
saveInto: ri!maps

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  • Hi - if you open the Browser's 'Developer Tools' and look at the Console output you'll see something like this:

    Assuming you've simply commented out the API Key because you want to keep that secret (reasonably so!) then the above also says that:

    InvalidValueError: in property drivingOptions: unknown property arrivalTime

    ...which, given that this does appear in the list of the plug-in's properties that perhaps there's a problem with the plug-in.Have you tried contacting the plug-in's author?