Hw to create a word doc using DocX from Dynamic Template?

I'm using the DocX from Dynamic Template plugin but I'm having issues creating the documents. I was able to make it work using the template that comes with the plugin download. However I can't make it work when I use different directives other than the ones on the template, ${doc.project.name} and ${doc.project.develoeprs}. If I use anything else like ${doc.invoice.invoiceNumber} it doesn't create the document. I've tried many different ways of doing this. I tried doing ${doc.project.invoice} and added that to the XML data model but nothing seems to work. Is this plugin limited to those three directives. How can I change this

Here is an example of my XML that I want to use. How would I construct the template in order to use these tags?

	<company name = 'Google' 
		address ='1521 google street San Diego, CA 12345' 
		phone ='(222) 333-4444' 

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  • The Docx template needs to use properly defined MergeFields.

    The XML you've listed could be used to generate a doc with this plugin. The Field Name "doc.invoice.invoiceNumber" would be what you want.
    You will not be able to just click on a field and change the name, you will need to right click the MergeField and click 'Edit Field', a pop-up comes up where you can modify the mergeField's "Field Name", that is the value you need to specify in your XML.

    I would start with the example template that you had working, try doing Edit Field to modify the name of an existing MergeField, change the XML to use the new name and see if that works for you.