Hw to create a word doc using DocX from Dynamic Template?

I'm using the DocX from Dynamic Template plugin but I'm having issues creating the documents. I was able to make it work using the template that comes with the plugin download. However I can't make it work when I use different directives other than the ones on the template, ${doc.project.name} and ${doc.project.develoeprs}. If I use anything else like ${doc.invoice.invoiceNumber} it doesn't create the document. I've tried many different ways of doing this. I tried doing ${doc.project.invoice} and added that to the XML data model but nothing seems to work. Is this plugin limited to those three directives. How can I change this

Here is an example of my XML that I want to use. How would I construct the template in order to use these tags?

	<company name = 'Google' 
		address ='1521 google street San Diego, CA 12345' 
		phone ='(222) 333-4444' 

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