Issue with getprocesshistoryinfo function result.

Hello All,

We are trying to get the process task history by using getprocesshistoryinfo(). unfortunately result sets are different than our expectation.

Our expectation to get audit history of task reassignment but the result comes as dynamic java objects (Highlighted in Yellow).

Is there any way to convert the java object result to Appian user/group ? If yes please let us know.

If not is there any other way to get the task history. Kindly share your thoughts on this !!! 

Thanks in advance,

Arunkumar C

  • Arun,

    Couple of other options to get or maintain the reassignment audit will be,

    1. To maintain a table and whenever you reassign a task using smart service add an entry to this table as well with the time stamp and the actor.
    2. Maintain the reassignment details in a process variable, create a portal report and use queryprocessanalytics() to get the data from pv. This is not a recommended option to have details in pv as it consumes memory every time the variable is updated.
  • Agree with you But, We are not providing any custom button to reassign the task.we are trying to using Appian default reassign option and get the history of the task reassignment history. Issue here is the output of the function getprocesshistoryinfo()  returning unexpected format.   

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